SmartPower: the energy management branded ROLD

Energy saving is no longer a need in terms of environmental sustainability but, in view of the recent economic circumstances that have created a “new normality” characterised by the continuous dynamic changes of market scenarios, it has undertaken a leading role in the containment of costs for both companies and households.


Modern technologies allow you to control and monitor the energy consumption of electrical and electronic equipment through innovative systems requiring significant investments (home automation, wi-fi systems, new communication protocols, etc.).

The ROLD Group overcomes these barriers by proposing a smart power monitoring system accessible to all and without infrastructural interventions to corporate offices, commercial, professional or industrial environments. ROLD has developed, together with Tekpea, American company specialised in smart metering with offices in Palo Alto, some electrical hardware devices that integrate a control system (software) able not only to precisely assess the energy absorbed and consumed by the various devices to be monitored but also the ‘intelligent use’ ensuring optimised, intelligent and dynamic management of any electrical device (via web portal or by Mobile App).

The energy management and lighting control (not only!)

ROLD has developed a new ‘monitoring embedded’ system integrated within the ceiling light lamps which, exploiting the power line for transmitting data, allows a real and proper control over the use of the single lamp or of groups of lamps.

The intelligence inserted in the system not only allows real time assessment of the effective energy expenditure by the lamp, both in terms of watt consumption and in economic terms, but allows its “smart use”, controlled and managed, through the creation of usage scenarios modelled according to the specific application of the lamp and of the context in which it is installed.


All this always through data transmission via power line!

Communicate, measure, manage: the ROLD SmartPower features

1) Communicate

Without communication, nothing can really be considered “smart”… yet, the biggest obstacle for the IoT is the lack of a standard and shared communication method. ROLD SmartPower technology provides for the measurement, control and proactive management of any device, communicating data by exploiting the conventional power line.

2) Measure

The system enables the real and efficient monitoring of consumption as well as the use of individual electrical/electronic devices or sets of them: it offers real-time evaluation of the actual energy expenditure, in terms of watt consumption and costs of machinery, various devices, lighting or entire buildings, factories, warehouses, shops, etc.

3) Manage

The intelligence in the ROLD SmartPower system allows us not only to check the actual energy consumption in real time, but also to control and manage the “smart use” of all the devices connected to the power line, by creating customised usage scenarios based on the specific application or context in which these devices are to be used.

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