Kone Corporation, founded in Finland in 1910, has today more than 44.000 employees and operates in about 800 headquarters distributed in more than 40 countries, it provides more than 30.000 elevator and escalator systems every year, it’s responsible for the maintenance of 550.000 elevators and escalators and of 240.000 automatic doors for buildings. The company approach is strongly related to the energy saving pursuit: manufacturing the same goods and services with a less energy expenditure is one of the main objectives, which result in a lower impact on the environment and lower costs for the company.


Precisely for this purpose, Kone has turned to Rold Lighting that, throught its SmartPower system, would allow an intelligent management of the electric energy and of the related consumption throughout the industrial plant. This system, thanks to a simple and intuitive GUI, allows a configuration and monitoring of the electrical loads. It’s a modular platform, based on PLC (Power Line Communication), which represents a pioneering solution for the energy management in residential areas. The main strenght for Kone, in the choice of the SmartPower system, is represented by the fact that, using the Power Line Communication (PLC), it’s not necessary an additional wiring and it’s possible to implement the system on the already existing wiring. Secondly, the measurement data of the MdC are sent to the concentrator that deals with saving data automatically on the Cloud. This technological choice doesn’t limit the data quantity which can be stored and provides therefore the time trend of the electric energy consumption. After a careful economic and financial analysis, our customer Kone has evaluated that the offered solution could be the most suitable for reaching its objectives.


  • Zeroing of the maintenance currently in use costs for the lighting systems
  • Totally integrated management system and plant
  • Integrated maintenance cost: no expense for all the contract duration
  • Optimization of factory lighting management
  • Optimization of the single projector light (dimming)
  • Economic saving
  • Cost free investment
  • Optimization of the plant management
  • Energy saving and environment respect
  • Reuse of the existing lighting system line



It’s an innovative, modular platform that allows, through a simple and intuitive interface, the energy monitoring for industrial, commercial and civil applications. Thanks to PLC (Power Line Communication), it’s possible to remotely control the lighting and to offer a Cloud solution for the data backup and for a remote assistance.

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