Rold Group, with its headquarter and factories in Italy, has been the market leader in the electromechanical components field since the last 50 years. Taking advantage of the expertise and the experience gained during the years in this field, it has created a new division, entirely dedicated to the production of industrial and commercial led lamps.

ROLD Lighting is by now a strategic division of GRUPPO ROLD with its own specific and strong identity. It offers a flexible and wide range of lighting products: high efficiency lamps that use Leds as lighting source. Effectively, energy saving with Leds reaches 80% compared to the traditional incandescent or linear fluorescent lighting sources.

NIKA per rivista gennaio stampa 2016 REV

NIKA is one of our flagship products. It’s an industrial fixture luminaire in die-cast aluminum, which is a replacement of different modules for industrial equipment with large luminous flux. The body with a modern and minimalist design has been studied to obtain a good heat dissipation allowing the LED module greater durability and a perfect performance during its use. The structure is compact and designed for use in places with harsh environments.  The glass is tempered with 4 mm thickness to ensure greater safety in every possible use. The product is also fitted with the anticondensation valve.  Its modularity allows the realization and the assembly of various forms and at the same time to vary the light fluxes from 8.000 at 50W up to 50.000 at 400 W. In addition, thanks of various optics support, you can get the direction of the light beam according to your needs. The versatility of this product includes several methods of fixing: suspension, ceiling, wall or floodlight. We have now extended the family of products with the introduction of 4 different power variations: 50W, 135W, 185W, 200W. Infact, in order to meet the different market demands it has been necessary to vary the powers and to design other versions in addition to the traditional 105W and 125W.

It has been created a new electronic board with 16 LEDs to increase the power of the lamp and produce a more effective luminous flux, upgrading the available power. We wanted effectively to offer lamps with more versatility, which could adapt to different needs and contexts. The range of products of the family NIKA consists now of 6 power variations: 50W, 105W, 125W, 135W, 185W and 200W. Since ROLD has been showing a growing committment in the topics of energy saving and cost containment, each one has been projected to obtain the highest possible light efficiency. In order to provide more flexibility and adaptability, NIKA lamps can also be sold with 6 different secondary optics, which produce various flow angles, giving the possibility to illuminate according to the requirements and customizing the process of enlighting.  In addition to these improvements, we have also developed 4 fixing variants, thanks to which it’s possible to produce different applications: suspension, ceiling, wall or floodlight. So, the market may be served in a capillary and effective way, adapting each application to the right context.

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