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Magazine Qualità

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Magazine Qualità

La casa comunale di Magenta ha un’anima grande

The new administration of Magenta, virtuous Municipality north-west of Milan, is very attentive to the common good and the effectiveness and efficiency of services to the citizen. It is enough to get into City Hall to breathe immediately looked familiar, being screened in open spaces, metaphor invitation to citizens to make contributions and express their needs. E ‘in the door multipurpose intended as a point of access to a range of information and services available in different areas of the building, which is fully understands the truth of the mission of the new Mayor Marco Invernizzi and his deputy Paul Razzano , who came not to promise, but to ask.Sindaco-e-Vicesindaco-2-300x285


Mayor Marco Invernizzi left and Deputy Mayor Paolo Razzano

Not by chance is the public discussion, through direct contact with the citizens and assemblies, which aims to form an “active citizenship” able to interact effectively with the municipal institution. In fact, the public response has been strong and very collaborative. Statistically, 75% of the responses to alarms that have come through the platform “Common-I call” had solution to the problem, while 25% of the remaining have been taken over and developed.

The style that goes through the program “Common-I call” takes credit from the network involving 30 Municipalities of Italy, which is part Magenta, which implement similar procedures. The transparency of the local machine is another highlight of the Mayor and Board, which through the use of many technological tools such as social networks and the institutional redesign of the municipal website, in addition to the regulations imposed by law, provide for citizen satisfaction.

Vulnerable and deserving of more attention as the elderly benefit from a program of local transport to meet their need for travel, made by a special shuttle. But that’s not all! The City has activated the “walking bus”, a nice idea to “kick-start” the dynamism of children, accompanied by volunteers at school, parents or grandparents. Children are always close to the figures of the ‘Grandparents Brigade’ that, in aid of the agents of the local police, ensuring the entry and exit from school safely.

Today the chronological age of the city is increasingly high, thus increased in the city the opportunity to raise the quality of life of the elderly population, one of the most sensitive fringes along with that of the young: the AUSER and the Elderly Day Centre are two associations devoted specifically to this part of the population with the Administration and operating in a public facility specially entrusted their management in the Municipality. Not only. To support mobility have been set up three new lines designed for students and seniors. In September, the service will be free in the name of sustainable mobility and to encourage the use of public transport. It ‘clear that for the City of Magenta seniors and young people are resources to support and enhance social welfare, global.

With the initiative “Magenta turns off the TV,” the Municipality invites citizens and volunteers to stake their talents to help fellow citizens in trouble because alone and without the resources and the tools to deal with discomfort. These people are reached at home by volunteers to spend together moments of discussion, dialogue and entertainment (through music, singing, reading, cooking …).

Magenta is a city with a very active association that is enhanced by the administration in the interests of subsidiarity and partnership. The more than 160 citizens’ associations dealing with many different areas (culture, social, sport) and often collaborate with the Administration and in the realization of events both in the provision of services in favor of citizenship. Many are the examples that you can do and there are many occasions in which the collaboration between the City and associations has borne fruit.

One of the highlights during the year of maximum cooperation are the celebrations of the Battle of Magenta. There are many urban realities that contribute to the success with the Administration. The celebrations have their climax in the historical re-enactment, famous in Italy and in the world, the Battle of the June 4, 1859, episode of the War in Italy d’Indipendenza fought between the Austrians and the Franco-Piedmontese. This event marked one of the most significant pages in the history of the city, the history that binds Magenta to the Italian Risorgimento, and therefore the whole of Italy. The Battle of Magenta fact is remembered as an important milestone in the history of our country for the conquest of Independence and for the realization of the Unification of Italy. Since last year the celebrations have become even more of a party for all citizens: in fact, among other things, it organized a large community room, ‘lunch of the Battle’, open to all citizens and authorities come together in tensile structure.

The entrust the service to a Citizens’ Association also has the positive side of abbatterne costs. The cuts aimed at eliminating the privileges ceremonial and unnecessary costs are part of a general change of pace, which favors a sober management of public money and that is designed to save money and to stay healthy the municipal budget, divided into 24 million EUR 36 million of expenses and balance; in this point, for 2013, which were made cuts of 2.1 million euro, of which one million for the spending review. The choice sull’IMU policy has been to keep a rate of 4 per thousand on the first house on the protection of the most vulnerable, demanding a greater contribution to the second house. In general, politicians are determined to work for the affirmation and protection of the institutional culture, and thanks to this trend, Magenta ranks second with respect to the territorial criteria established by the Province.

A focus is placed also on purchases and on the review of the services, which led inevitably reduce costs. One example is the service of the Local Public Transport entrusted September to ATS, public corporation of which the town of Magenta is a partner. E ‘was reviewed, with a view to greater efficiency and economy, the overall management of the service that the old management was a total loss and that today, thanks to the company ATS, is more targeted to the needs of citizens.

The Municipality of Magenta is also very attentive to security and law and order to provide guarantees to the citizens, the local authority is the leader of an aggregation of 18 commands Local Police, within the territorial district. In fact, the ” Local Pact integrated security municipalities Magenta, Abbiategrasso and board former State Road 11 “, which groups together the local police of 19 municipalities, of which Magenta is the leader, the supervision and control of the land increased.

The importance of the agreement lies in the ability of agents to operate in the territory extracomunale reciprocal conditions and emergency situations. Firefighters now have the option of “trespassing” and operate outside the territory of the respective membership with the use of vehicles and bearing of weapons supplied to remedy situations contingent and unpredictable, without territorial limits.

Social policy that the City is activating really ambitious: in addition to the elderly, equal rights is staged by the Project Ready against homophobia and sexual discrimination, to give new impetus to the national strategy against discriminatory phenomena based on ‘ sexual orientation and gender identity. Also, through a protocol anti-violence and anti-stalking signed recently between the City and other important institutions (the Hospital, ASL, Telephone Woman, specialized associations) is intended to create a network of collaboration and common actions protection of women and prevention of domestic violence. Help open doors are also Rose and Welcome aimed at foreigners. The door from the perspective of young people is “work in progress”. Social cohesion is a value protagonist because we cross the third millennium and urge integrate with a multiethnic reality. In this direction, including the actions in the program, the granting of honorary citizenship to the children symbolic non-EU resident for at least five years.

In summary the soul carrier Administration Invernizzi is summarized in the following points:

  • Pact with citizenship (citizenship)
  • Budget estimate (benefits of “good practices” for a budget virtuous)
  • Scope green (energy saving)
  • Metacompetencies (individual’s ability to adapt to the evolving dynamics)
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